The Rotary International (RI) Constitution, Bylaws, and Standard Rotary Club Constitution provide the foundation for Rotary's policies and procedures and can be changed only by the Council on Legislation. The constitutional documents can be found in the Manual of Procedure. More information here

Club Constitution

The RI Bylaws provide that each club admitted to RI membership must adopt the prescribed Standard Rotary Club Constitution. Download the Standard Rotary Club Constitution in word format.

Club Bylaws

Club bylaws should be in harmony with the Standard Rotary Club Constitution.  RI has provided Recommended Rotary Club Bylaws, which are recommended only and may be changed by any Rotary club to meet its own conditions, provided such changes are not out of harmony with the Standard Rotary Club Constitution and with the RI Constitution and RI Bylaws.  RI's recommended Bylaws.

The RI recommended Bylaws need some amendment to reflect local requirements.  To provide some guidance, click here to dowload a word document containing the D9680 recommended Bylaws compliant with NSW law.


Note that It is essential to abide by the legal requirements imposed by the following pieces of legislation:

Many forms are available by following this link but the following forms are needed for annual compliance:

Updating Club Constitution & Bylaws

Click here for the steps recommended to amend your club's constitutional documents

After your Club Constitution and/or Bylaws are amended, the Office of Fair Trading needs to be advised by using a Form 6 Notice of Alteration of Objects or Rules, enclosing the fee required as well as the documents.

Download Form 6 here

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