Upcoming Membership Reporting Changes for January 2015 SAR

In response to the clamour for a less complicated way of paying RI membership dues, beginning 1 January 2015, club officers will receive a simplified invoice clearly stating amounts outstanding.
The amount as billed will be the amount that is due and may no longer be adjusted as before. New members and terminations have to be reported by the Club secretary to RI within one month from addition or termination OR before 1 January/1 July, whichever comes first. This can be done online, via email or mail.
With membership updates being reported more consistently throughout the year, accurate membership details may be obtained more readily. Aside from these changes, the collection cycle will also be reduced from 6 months to 4 months with reinstatements only being possible within 5 months of termination. The cost of reinstatements will be at USD30/member.
If club officers have any query about their invoices, please refer them to the following New Club Invoice FAQs:
What is the reason for the change?
The Rotary International Board of Directors approved this change in order to improve your club invoice experience. s new members will start to feel engagement with Rotary much sooner. In addition, your club will no longer spend time filling out worksheets, recalculating dues owed, or writing in new members. With the change, your club will read the one page invoice and pay the amount owed.
How does this affect me as a club or district officer?
Club secretaries are the primary officer with new duties. They are asked to make membership updates, including adding new members and removing terminated members, as they occur or within 30 days. Your club secretary also needs to report incoming club officers by 1 February each year.
The rest of the team plays an important supporting role, too. Club and district officers should be aware of these changes and assist club secretaries with making these timely membership updates as requested.
You say that this makes the dues process easier; explain how it does that?
Beginning 1 January 2015, each club will receive a one-page invoice that clearly states the amount of membership dues, subscriptions, and any outstanding balances owed to Rotary. This will replace the current mailing that includes the semiannual report, 1-2 worksheets depending on your region, new member forms, the club roster, and a set of detailed instructions. You will no longer need to recalculate the amount your club owes. The invoice will use membership numbers received by Rotary by 1 January and 1 July of each year.
Where do I report members online?
D9685 clubs should ensure that all member changes are made on the District Website (ClubRunner) by 12 December and 12 June to ensure that synchronisation with the RI database takes place in due time.  Later data changes run the risk of missing the RI deadlines.
When will I see these updates reflected in my club’s membership list?
Updates made in My Rotary are reflected in Rotary International’s database immediately. Updates made via integrated local databases will require additional time for manual processing (see information on data integration in next page).
When is the last date I can report membership changes to ensure my invoice reflects the current membership list?
Membership updates made in My Rotary should be entered no later than 1 January or 1 July. New members added via integrated local databases, or any other membership changes that require manual processing (consult the integration options on the Member Data Integration site) must be received by Rotary International by 1 January or 1 July. Given the complexities associated with sending your changes via fax, mail, or data integration, you are strongly encouraged to provide these changes well before the received by Rotary International deadline of 1 July and 1 January.
What if my club doesn’t have a secretary?
All club officers (president, secretary, treasurer, foundation chair, membership chair, and executive secretary) have access s secretary is unable to make membership updates, the club can choose another officer who is qualified to help with this responsibility.
I would like to report changes to my club’s membership list using Rotary’s website, but I don’t have an account.
How do I set this up?
To create an account on My Rotary, use your internet browser to navigate to www.rotary.org/myrotary. From there, click on the Sign In/Register button. In the window that opens up, click on the Create Account button, at which point you will enter your first name, last name, email address, and certify that you are 18 years or older. The system will then send an email to your requested email address with a link to complete the registration process and to create a password and security question. Feel free to contact your Club and District Support representative with questions or problems.
I reported my membership changes using an integrated local database. Why doesn’t RI have these changes?
The most common reason for changes not syncing with the RI database is because the local database has not been officially integrated. For data integration to work properly, a club officer will need to opt in to the integration by selecting the vendor of the local database in My Rotary (Manage>Club Administration>Add or remove vendor partner organization).
The club must also opt in to direct integration via the local database, (instructions will vary based on the database used). Additionally, club IDs and member IDs must match the IDs listed in the RI database. Please consult with your local database provider if you have questions.
When will I receive the invoice?
Invoices will be emailed to clubs by the end of January and July.
Will I get a list of members with my invoice?
After the January 2015 dues period, the club invoice will no longer include a list of members. The invoice will show the number of members used to calculate the dues balance, but the roster will not be included with the invoice beginning s official membership list used to calculate your invoice, navigate to Manage>Club Administration>Semiannual dues invoice>Print The Membership List.
When must my club’s subscription preferences be updated in order to be reflected on the invoice?
Changes in subscription preferences should be made before each billing cycle. Clubs should indicate changes in subscriptions no later than 1 January or 1 July in order for those changes to be reflected on the upcoming invoice. The club will be subscribed to the chosen publication for the whole billing cycle and may change to a different publication for the next billing cycle by indicating this change before the next cycle.
Will there be someone on staff who can answer questions on this change?
Certainly. The following Finance Coordinators will be happy to respond to any query regarding Clubs’ semiannual dues invoices and the upcoming changes effective 1 January 2015.
7B & 8 Sally Furto Sally.Furto@rotary.org +61288949832