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District 9685, every club, every Rotarian, their partners and volunteers are covered by the Rotary national insurance program.
Insurance is available for officially constituted Rotary activities, so make sure they are fully documented and minuted. Insurance cover includes: public and products liability, personal accident and travel, damage to property, office bearer’s liability and caravans and trailers. Detail is provided on the District website.
When organising an event please download and complete the event organiser’s liability form and return to the District Insurance Officer, George Condell.
All claims involving third party personal injury or property damage must be reported to Rotary’s insurance brokers, Aon Risk Services (Aon), as soon as possible.
Claims of incidents involving allegations
of molestations are to be reported to Aon immediately. The policy coverage for molestation is provided on a “claims made basis”. This means that the policy covers (subject to terms and conditions) claims made against Rotary and notified to the insurer during the period of
cover. The policy will not cover claims made
and notified to the insurers after the expiry of
the period of cover. Accordingly, should you become aware of any fact or circumstances that may give rise to a claim, it is imperative that this be reported during the period of cover. Claims procedures for child molestation are provided on the District website.
For all inquiries, including obtaining a Certificate of Currency, please contact the District Insurance Officer.
A. Public and Products Liability:
1. Limit of cover is $50 million for any one occurrence, except for molestation where the limit is
$2 million.
2. Excess is $1,000 per claim, except molestation where the excess is $25,000.
3. Some activities are excluded such as rodeos, trains, animal rides and participation in any sport
or race.
4. Sexual Molestation Claims are payable on a "Claims Made" basis which means that any facts
or circumstances potentially giving rise to such claims must be notified immediately.
B. Personal Accident and Travel
1. Journeys involving travel of over 50 km and for a maximum of 90 days.
2. Flying in a privately owned aircraft or one not licensed to carry passengers is excluded.
3. There is no exclusion for pre-existing conditions provided approval is obtained from doctor that
you are fit to travel.
4. There are age categories for different benefits.
5. Benefits for Personal Accident include:
(a) Weekly benefits for over 1 week, but less than 3 years.
(b) Lump sums for specific injuries or death.
(c) Emergency home help of $150 per week up to 26 weeks.
(d) Medical Expenses not otherwise payable by Medicare or other health funds up to $3,000 for up to a year.
6. Benefits for Travel Cover include:
(a) Weekly benefits for over a week, but less than 3 years.
(b) Unlimited medical and cancellation expenses.
(c) AC E Insurance emergency assistance worldwide ring 61-2-9807-5995.
(d) Various amounts for loss of deposits, baggage, electronic equipment and money and travel documents.
7. Personal liability up to $20 million.
C. Damage To Property
1. A ll real and personal property is covered for loss, damage or destruction.
2. Limit of Liability is $500,000 for losses arising from one event
3. There are sub-limits of
(a) $50,000 for buildings and contents not advised, accidental damage, money, theft and goods in transit.
(b) $100,000 for any one piece of art at an art show.
(c) $25,000 for theft of property in the open air.
4. Excess is $1,500.
5. Registered vehicles are excluded.
D. Office Bearers Liability
1. Includes breach of professional duty, wrongful acts as a member or director, employment
practices and dishonesty/fraud.
2. C laims are payable on a "Claims Made" basis which means that any facts or circumstances
potentially giving rise to such claims must be notified immediately.
3. Cover extends to breach of copyright, libel and slander, trade practices liability and automatic
fines and penalties.
4. Limit of liability is $10 million.
5. Excesses are up to $5,000.
E. Caravans and Trailers
1. These must be notified before the beginning of the Rotary year.
2. Limits are $10,000 for both trailers & caravans.
3. Excluded are unregistered vehicles and tools of trade.