District Governor Nominating Committee

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Role of the District Governor Nominating sub-Committee

The District Governor Nominating Committee is to select a nominee for governor not more than 36 months, but not less than 24 months, prior to the day of taking office under the RI Bylaws.

Members of the District Governor Nominating sub-Committee

  • District Governor
  • The two most recent Past District Governors
  • District Governor Elect
  • District Governor Nominee
  • Five members elected from the Zones/Groups designated from time to time

The Chair and Convenor shall be the second most recent Past District Governor

Qualifications of Governor Nominee

At the time of selection, a Governor Nominee must:

  1. Be a member in good standing of a functioning Club in the District (RIB 15.070.1.)
  2. Have full qualifications for membership in the strict application of the Club membership provisions, and the integrity of the Rotarian’s classification must be without question (RIB 15.070.2.)
  3. Have served as President of a Club for a full term or be a Charter President of a Club having served the full term from the date of the charter to 30 June, provided that this period is for at least six months (RIB 15.070.3.)
  4. Demonstrate willingness, commitment, and ability, physically and otherwise, to fulfil the duties and responsibilities of the office of Governor as provided in RI Bylaws section 15.090. (RIB 15.070.4.)
  5. Demonstrate knowledge of the qualifications, duties, and responsibilities of Governor as prescribed in the RI Bylaws, and submit to RI, through its General Secretary, a signed statement acknowledging a clear understanding of them. This statement shall also confirm that the Rotarian is qualified for the office of Governor and willing and able to assume the duties and responsibilities of the office and to perform them faithfully. (RIB 15.070.5.)

In addition to the qualifications of Governor Nominee, a Governor, at the time of taking office, must have completed seven years of membership in one or more Clubs and have attended the Governors Elect Training Seminar and International Assembly. (RIB 15.080.)

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