Some tips to help get your year off to a good start:

  • Plan early, keeping continuity in mind
  • Continue to support past projects that carry on into your year
  • Fill your team positions as early as possible
  • Never be afraid to delegate – you can’t know or do everything yourself
  • Remember your resources and ask your club, district, and zone level leaders for advice
  • Become acquainted with your counterparts at the International Assembly and district training meetings
  • Consult new members as a sounding board and old ones for historical knowledge
  • Prepare three short speeches on general Rotary topics that can be adapted to the situation
  • Don’t forget to say thank you – people appreciate being appreciated
  • Remember that planning is key, but action is where the service is
  • Have fun!

RI & District provides resources, materials, and training to help you succeed.

Explore these pages - and remember to attend the training events.