District Vision & Mission

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District 9685 will operate with a culture developed to support the efforts of our clubs and their members, in an environment which is expected to make increasing demands on the services which Rotary can provide.

District 9685 will exemplify good governance and management, and provide continuity of effort, knowledge and skills, resulting in:

  • A vibrant public image for Rotary such that it is recognised as the leading service organisation in our locality;
  • Attraction to Rotary membership of a diverse range of younger professional and business people from all segments of our community;
  • A Rotary focus on current, relevant challenges;
  • Recognition of Rotary as a valuable network for personal and professional development

Our Mission – “What we have to do”

Embracing the object of Rotary, our mission is its representation and promotion for the territory of D9685, through:

  • Support of club operations
  • Oversight of all clubs and programs to ensure alignment with RI policies & practices
  • Development of depth and continuity in a structure to facilitate a balanced approach to both current demands and future challenges.

Key Result Areas -“Where we have to focus”

  • Leadership and Governance
  • Representation and Promotion
  • Support and Communication
  • Compliance and Administration
  • Training Team Development, Succession Planning and Continuity