After the Rotary Convention 2012 in Bangkok, PDG Danny Low travelled to Vietnam in relation to the following projects:
  • Safe Clean Water Project in the Don Son Commune
  • Presentation of 108 new wheelchairs 
  • Visited many other ongoing projects
  • Visited hospitals in Hue, and Ho Chi Minh City
  • Hearing Aids Worldwide - Xa Dan and Anh Minh
Reports on these RAWCS projects are available from the downloads menu (to the left of this page).

Hearing Aids Worldwide project

Contact has been established with the following competent partners on the ground:

  • Head of Audiology and Speech,  Vietnam National ENT Institute, in Hanoi.  Rotary has an MOU with them to support testing, fitting, education and review of hearing aids for children with impaired hearing initially for Xa Dan School but with provision to extend to others
  • ENT Department, Cho Ray Hospital, District 5, Ho Chi Minh City.  Rotary also has put in place an MOU with this major city General Hospital to support our Donation of Hearing Aids for those who are poor and suffered from loss of hearing after accident, due to old age and or those after surgery.  They are also interested to extend the MOU to help school children later in early detection and charitable support with free audiology services.

What can you do?

Help support this project by:

  • Collecting second hearing aids
  • Making personal donations or help in fundraising.  Can you include this cause when considering Club donations at the end of this Rotary Year?
  • Recruiting audiologists and volunteer helpers to travel on an Audiology Mission project to needy countryies like East Timor, the Philippines and Myanmar, China
  • Help expand yoiur existing projects in the Philippines, East Timor and Myanmar as well as other countries like Vanuatu, Fuji, PNG etc.

The project is challenging in that we have to meet the very strict guidelines and conditions of our donors, especially Audiology Companies.
We need to ensure that there are actual ground support and capabilities - for testing, fitting, educating, reviewing and support services - and to ensure that the project is non-profit to benefit needy, poor people in these areas.
At present, Rotary has sufficient donated hearing aids which are being serviced, cleaned, checked prior to donation to our partners overseas.

We are recruiting volunteers from the audiology industry and also working with the students studying Audiology and the Head of the Department of Audiology at Macquarie University.
Tax deductible donations may be made to the RAWCS Overseas Aid Fund (RAWCS Project 10/2010-2011).
Please let PDG Danny know if you have other useful contacts, or advice or if you/your club can Lend a Hand on this worthy project helping the quiet silent Disabled Group of People with Impaired Hearing needing support.
If yoiu can helo, please contact:

PDG Danny Low
Special Representative for Vietnam
Rotary Club of Mosman
Mobile: 0418 167 473