On December 7th 2016, Dick and Pip Smith visited the Rotary Club of Wahroonga. Dick was introduced to the club by Rob Ferguson, they had both been at school together at the Roseville Primary school. The major surprise of the morning came when Dick produced a cheque and donated $1 million to Rotary.
The money was used to set up Rotary Australia Compassionate Grants (RACG) with the aim to aid disadvantaged members of the Australian community irrespective of their location within Australia. Since then, RACG has received matching grants and as a result over $2 million has delivered numerous projects that have benefited local individuals and communities.
Last Wednesday, the 7th August, John Cameron and I attended another event with Dick and Pip Smith. Once again Dick produced a check for $1 million and donated it to Rotary.
Here are Pip and Dick Smith with John Cameron, Lindsay May and Doug Reid
After the event, as we travelled back north on the train John Cameron and I reflected that we were possible two of only seven people who have witnessed Dick and Pip handing over $2 million to Rotary, with Dick and Pip being two of the seven!
Another inspirational day at the Rotary office.