We are pleased to announce Rotary and Mediators Beyond Borders International (MBBI)  have entered into a service partnership to help enhance our club and district peace building efforts. 

Rotary has worked with MBBI – an impact organization founded on the principle of people-centered peacebuilding – since 2013 to advance our common goals for peace. This new partnership will enable Rotary members to train with MBBI to sharpen their mediation, dialogue and other conflict transformation skills. 

Mediators Beyond Borders International’s mission is to build local skills for peace and promote mediation worldwide. Recognizing that the only lasting peace is the one built by those involved, MBBI can help clubs and districts advance their peace and conflict prevention/resolution objectives by delivering services and enhancing skills for community assessments, trauma-informed peacebuilding, post-conflict reconciliation and recovery, cross-sector and network collaboration, project design, implementation, evaluation and peacebuilding leadership that prioritizes the elevation of women and youth as leaders. 

MBBI and Rotary members can work together to save lives today and one day, eradicate violent conflict around the world. This partnership connects Rotarians, Rotaractors, and Rotary alumni with resources to take action, locally and globally. Rotary members play a key role in building connected communities. Connected communities are safer communities, and safer communities are more prosperous communities.

Read the partnership factsheet for more information on how clubs and districts can build peace in partnership with MBBI. Connect with MBBI to support a safer, connected, and prosperous world one community at a time.

We hope your district will welcome this opportunity to prevent conflicts in your communities; please share this information with clubs in your district.
Rotary International Service