In early March the Rotary Club of Northbridge (NSW) in conjunction with the Australian Red Cross Blood Service launched the Grolman Challenge.
The Challenge is to recognize the contribution of Rotarian Syd Grolman OAM, a passionate blood donor who over his life made 383 life saving donations.  The aim is to encourage the local community to donate blood, plasma or platelets to reach Syd’s 383 donation target by the end of 2019. 
At a recent club meeting, Guest presenter John Feist, Community Relations Officer for the Australian Red Cross Blood Service (Chatswood), explained that 27,000 donations are needed every week to keep a good blood supply. He noted that while 1 in 3 people in Australia at some time in their life will receive a blood transfusion or blood products, only 1 in 30 people actually donate blood.  Around 1 in 3 of those in need of blood products are cancer patients.
John further explained that Australia has the safest blood stock in the world. Each donation can be used to help three patients therefore Syd’s 383 donations could have saved 1,150 lives.  
Syd, accompanied by his wife Marcelle, commented on the night that he was honoured to have the Challenge named after him and encouraged us to spread the word about the need to donate blood to reach our target !  With 15 donations to date, the Grolman Challenge needs you!
To find out more details and how you can join the Challenge please email