Annual reports are boring, right?  Not Rotary’s!!
  • words are kept to a minimum – very easy to read
  • beautiful images, graphics, videos and audio – bringing it to life
  • links to compelling stories on a range of topics – highly engaging
  • a menu that allows quick and easy navigation.
We think this web page will serve a number of purposes:
  • making Rotarians even more proud to be members
  • telling the story of who we are to prospective members and others
  • conveying the value of the Foundation in delivering high-impact projects
  • giving recognition to the work of our wonderful partners, such as Shelterbox.
In other words, this is much more than an annual report.  It’s an outstanding new tool to convey how – together – we are making a difference in the world.  We’d encourage you to share it with all your audiences.
Tip: It’s even more powerful if you click the  full screen icon at the bottom right.