Begin forwarded message:
From: Forest Resener <>
Subject: We'd love to present to your Rotary club!
Date: 18 July 2021 at 8:17:47 am AEST
Dear Bruce,

My name is Forest Resener and I'm the Operations Director for StoveTeam International, a nonprofit organization started by a Rotarian. We are working in Latin America to save families from the dangers of open-fire cooking. The cookstoves we provide not only help families avoid respiratory illnesses, which account for 4 million deaths every year, but they also provide local employment and prevent CO2 emissions! Our innovative approach has won StoveTeam numerous awards, and resulted in the donation of over 78,000 cookstoves to date. But around the world, we are still nowhere close to addressing this issue on the scale it deserves.

To raise awareness for this devastating issue, we developed an engaging and informative interactive pre-recorded video presentation, specifically for Rotary clubs. The video follows the same format as a standard Rotary program, while allowing us to show your club the issue of open-fire cooking firsthand and give an inside look at our programs. We have received an incredible response from Rotary clubs so far!

How it works
To show the video during your meeting, just share your screen and click the link below to start the video. Please note that I will not be able to attend the meeting, but I will be there in spirit via the interactive video. We have a small staff of only three directors and we are dedicated to remaining focused on our programs. We truly appreciate your understanding.
  • The video includes a 23 minute presentation, plus a Q&A session at the end where the meeting host can click on questions to display an answer video. 
  • Promotional information can be found here:
  • Important: Let me know the date you plan to show the video so I can make sure it will be active!
  • Video link:
After the presentation
  • Let us know whether the club enjoyed the presentation. We will be thrilled to hear from you! And feel free to share the link with other clubs or individuals.
  • Please share the following link via email and social media, so that club members can continue to connect with us:
Thank you for your consideration, Forest
Forest Resener
Operations Director, StoveTeam International
Address: PO Box 14707, Portland, OR 97293