This year's theme of WASH in Schools proved to be very popular.  Attendees gave the event rave reviews. If you weren't able to attend in person, you can listen to all the sessions.  You'll also find the PowerPoint presentations that were used by our presenters.
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June / July 2015

WWS7 in Sao Paulo

This year's theme of WASH in Schools proved to be very popular.  Attendees gave the event rave reviews. If you weren't able to attend in person, you can listen to all the sessions by logging into WWS7 - Audio & PowerPoints.  You'll also find the PowerPoint presentations that were used by our presenters. 



Hygiene Matters!

Surprizingly, hygiene education was left out of the Millennium Development Goals. Now, there is a movement afoot to include this important, effective, and affordable method of preventing diarrhea and pneumonia in children, in the new "SDGs". The SDGs or "Sustainable Development Goals" will replace the MDGs for 2015. The challenge seems to be agreeing on appropriate indicators for tracking hygiene, as described in a recent Huffington Impact article by Dr. Layla McCay. Read More...


Kitchener Help Wanted! 

For the last few years Wasrag's newsletter has generated a very positive response from our growing contact list (40,000+ at last count).  Now it is time for a new Newsletter Editor! 

The ideal candidate will have a passion for WASH and good writing skills.  Some technical ability is essential to manage the Constant Contact software that we use to produce the newsletter.  If you are interested in applying or would like more background, please contact us at


Bench Terracing Works!
The Rotary Club of Poona, Rotary District 3131, India has undertaken a major Watershed Management Global Grant Project. The project is for US $155,000 and is located in the Village of Masobawadi, Dist. Sangamner, an area of around 50 hectares which has scanty rainfall. To manage & utilize runoff water for useful purposes, protect, conserve and improve the land for efficient & sustained production, rainwater is captured as it runs downhill. The Project, expected to be completed by 2016, will reduce soil erosion, increase infiltration of rain water and provide livelihood to the villagers. Bench Terracing brings sloping land into different level strips to enable conservation of water & cultivation. It consists of construction of step like fields along contours by half cutting and half filling. The original slope is converted into level fields. 


India's water supply to drop by 50%

"Groundwater levels are falling as India's farmers, city residents and industries drain wells and aquifers. What water is available is often severely polluted. The future may be worse, with the national supply predicted to fall 50% below demand by 2030.

Enter the India Water Tool 2. 0, a new web platform. It's the most comprehensive, publicly available online tool yet to evaluate India's water risks. Created by a group of companies, research organizations, and industry associations-including WRI and coordinated by theWorld Business Council for Sustainable Development (WBCSD)-the tool can help companies, government agencies, and other water users identify their most pressing challenges and carefully target water-risk management efforts."  Read More... 


A Plea from one Club President to Another

Three years ago, the president of the Rotary Club of Downtown Los Angeles, Peter Lattey received a plea for help from the President of the Migori, Kenya Rotary club on the club's Facebook page.  The Migori club was failing and he needed some advice.  After some discussion it was decided that the club should find a service project that would raise their profile in the community. Thus was born a water and sanitation project that will ultimately provide clean water, latrines and hand wash stations to over 15,000 school students. Read More...



Adopt A School Program

WASRAG is partnering with Procter & Gamble, H2O for Life, PIND Foundation and Rotary Clubs to provide water, sanitation, hygiene education, and menstrual hygiene management, in 30 schools in Rotary District 9140, the Niger Delta, Nigeria. 

The first nine schools have been selected and planning is complete. Five of these schools have now been "adopted" by international Rotary Clubs! If you are interested in getting involved in this program, and leveraging your fundraised dollars
(approximately $4 contributed for every Rotary Club $1!) please contact Nancy Gilbert.


New Projects...
We love hearing about your projects and are delighted to relay these great opportunities for Rotarians to get involved in WASH projects! When posting your projects on the Wasrag website, please remember to include the name of your Rotary club and District number. Contact us at if you need help with your posting.
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The Water & Sanitation Rotarian Action Group is a group of Rotarians whose purpose is to support Rotary clubs to effectively plan, finance, implement, monitor and evaluate water, sanitation, and hygiene programs, where they are most needed in a collaborative, cost-effective, timely, and sustainable manner, true to the principles of Rotary International. Wasrag operates in accordance with Rotary International policy but is not an agency of, or controlled by, Rotary International.