2011-12 Emphases

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Reach Within to Embrace Humanity is the theme for 2011-12 introduced by RI President-elect, Kalyan Banerjee at the International Assembly.  He also announced that his three empjhases would be on:
  • The Family

  • Continuity

  • Change
Our first emphasis in this Rotary year will be the family. The family is where everything begins: All our service, everything we wish to achieve in our world, begins here. The mother and the child are at the core of every family; when we begin there, we can carry our work forward through individual lives and throughout the community.

Our second emphasis will be on continuity, on finding the things that we do well and taking them to the next level. Each of us has found success in Rotary service, and we should build on those successes, expand on them, so that we can help even more people in the future.  We must continue our work for cleaner and safer water, mitigating disease and illness, spreading literacy, working with and for the new generation, and striving for peace...

And so, our third emphasis in 2011-12 will be change, and we start by being the change we wish to see in the world. If we wish for peace, we start by living in peace ourselves, in our homes and in our communities. If we wish for an end to polio or to any other disease in the world, if we wish environmental degradation to stop, if we wish to reduce child mortality, to spread literacy or to prevent hunger, we must be the instrument of that change and recognise that it must start within each of us.

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