D9685 Environment Action Day - Support
In celebration of the UN’s World Environment Day and Rotary’s End Plastic Soup Day, District 9685 has launched the Environment Action Weekend, 4th & 5th June 2022.  We encourage you to undertake individual, club and community activities to help support the Environment as one of the seven RI Areas of Focus.
Our Rotary Environment Countdown Calendar encourages positive impact by thinking globally but acting locally: choose an activity from the list to complete each fortnight or create your own and share it with us.  The tasks are relatively simple but fun and can help you create community and revive fellowship in your club.  Who doesn’t want to share photos of their yard, get out into the fresh air, extend the brain?!  All these things help us connect to each other, connect to our surroundings, and connect across generations.
Examples might be: going for a walk or cycling at least every other day; buying goods free from plastic wrapping - a no plastic two weeks; litter picking once a week in your local community; building a compost heap for household food waste; planting an insect-loving tree or volunteering with a tree planting project; buying refillable products and using refill outlets; taking a photo of a native tree, some spring flowers, or birds or other wildlife; replacing light bulbs with LEDs; watching an environmentally-related documentary; feeding the birds or putting a bug house in the garden; having a meat free week or vegan week; filling one bag for a Charity shop, etc.
The Countdown starts from 4th April, to be completed by 5th June. The list of activities is COVID-safe, and for all ages and mobilities.  At the completion of your calendar, please complete a quick online form to register your activities here. This will enable us to tally our collective impact and display our great examples of service as fun opportunities that promote respect and value for a greener environment.  All successful completions will receive a Certificate of Recognition from the District 9685 Environment Chair and be entered into a raffle to win a copy of Isabella Tree’s book, Wilding: The return of nature to an English farm.  This book brings together science, natural history, drama, and hope wrapped up in an inspiring story of a farm, a couple, and a community transformed.
  • All activities are considered COVID safe and are considered inclusive for all.
  • Any member of the community is welcome to participate (Rotarians and non-Rotarians).
  • The challenge runs between the 4th April and 5th June - every two weeks you will need to submit an activity completion form via this link.
  • It is possible to include more than one individual on each submission form - if needed, please include all names and activities in the appropriate question boxes.
  • If a Rotarian participant is unable to complete an online form, they will be required to report their completion to their club secretary or Club Environment Rep  (who will forward any completions to the District Environment Chair at Melanie.Lewis@rotarysocialimpact.org)
  • Late entries will be accepted for a certificate - however, you must complete a total of 5 activities (from the list - or your own ideas).  But please note, late entries will not be entered into the raffle draw.
  • All successful completions submitted by the 4th June will be eligible to enter our prize draw for the book.
  • The book winner will be determined at 8pm on the 5th June 2021.