Join Over 1000 people 
Over 1000 people will be involved cleaning over 200 graffiti sites throughout NSW
Get involved and help promote Rotary and your club
  • Support your club to clean a graffiti site OR
  • Go to to register as a volunteer  OR
  • Turn up on the day at any clean-up site  OR
  • Phone 1300 665 310
Why not involve some of your family or neighbours and make it a fun morning outing.

Click here to read this issue of eNews

Fulfilling two dreams!​
We all know the therapeutic benefits of exercise. It clears the mind and helps us live longer. But what if you were waiting for a life-saving organ transplant? Or perhaps your child had recently received one? Getting motivated to exercise and improve your health is just that much harder.  As the CEO of Transplant Australia over the past seven years I have seen many families face extraordinary challenges. I have often wondered what personally I can do, even in a small way, to help these families?
If you would like to support this work then please visit:  Download the flyer to read more of the dream.

A new and exciting advance in youth road safety education​
A road safety awareness program must evolve to keep up with changes in the road safety landscape. Feedback from our many stakeholders and input from our Advisory Council has provided us with clear guidance to develop a new RYDA that retains the best of the current program but
incorporates new elements that will provide students with:
• More interactive sessions with more student input and discussion.
• A sharper focus on the leading road safety issues for young people (speeding, distraction, fatigue, drink/drug driving and seat belts).
• More time on the role of passengers in creating the newsletter here

Plan your convention stay in Sao Paulo
São Paulo will be the home of the 2015 Rotary International Convention and local Rotary members are already hard at work making sure your stay is as enjoyable as possible. This bustling metropolis is the perfect venue for our biggest event of the year because like the city itself, the São Paulo convention brings together people from around the world who are eager to celebrate and share their diverse backgrounds.
Read the 2015 convention blog here

one of Rotary's most successful media promotions​
As you probably know, my Rotary Club (Lower Blue Mountains, NSW) has developed a very successful media awareness program based on the annual Australian Gnome Convention as part of the Glenbrook Australia Day Celebrations each year.

Well, a funny thing happened between drinks one year and a prominent Aussie boutique movie maker in one Murray Fahey decided to make a 'tongue in cheek' movie to capture the fun and spirit of the Gnome Convention and the innovative qualities of a well organised Rotary club.

Almost three years in the making, Gnomebrook - this very unique story one of Rotary's most successful media promotions - will premiere in Glenbrook, NSW, on November 6.

Glenbrook is of course the 'home' of The Australian Gnome Convention - the smart/crazy project of Lower Blue Mountains Rotary which draws crowds of eight to ten thousand people to Australia Day celebrations on Glenbrook Park each year.
Too many options can overload short-term memory​
It’s no surprise that simplicity sells. Too many options can overload short-term memory, inhibiting the ability to process information, creating cognitive overload. In addition, excessive options can spark feelings of remorse after transactions as customers continue to wonder if they had made the right choice.
But creating “decision simplicity” presents only part of the brand simplicity picture. Sephora, Carrefour, and Amazon are examples of successful simple brands, despite providing a vast range of options to their customers.
Simplicity should be built into the very core of the brand, beginning with the product or service itself and extending through the interactions at each touch point and in all brand communications.   
Read the full blog here

Castle Hill Rotary 
While celebrating a 50th club anniversary may not be as special as it once was, the Rotary Club of Castle Hill is still pretty excited about it and wants to make the biggest splash possible, and party long and hard. The celebration dinner will be held at the Madison Reception Centre, Dural, on Wednesday 18th March 2015 which is exactly 50 years to the day that the club was chartered. Recognising the value former members have delivered to our club in its formative years, we want to hear from as many as possible to ensure that their efforts are well and truly recognised. Former members of the club who would like to attend the celebration dinner are invited to inform Bruce Allen and advise current address and phone contact details. Email or phone 0412 965 845. For those travelling a distance and staying the night, a complimentary breakfast will be laid on at the home of Club President Mike Blair the following morning.
Bruce Allen
50th Anniversary Committee Member

promotional Club banners ​
63 Clubs in D9685 are now equipped with new promotional Club banners as result of the recent District free offer.
Thank you to all those Clubs who participated.
Use of the banners will help advertise the good work of Rotary and will add to the Rotary vibe at your meetings

Cervical cancer should be an almost entirely preventable disease
It’s one of the few cancers which has an established screening program and the only cancer which currently has a vaccine; and yet over 280,000 women each year die from cervical cancer. The Australian Cervical Cancer Foundation created the Community Awareness Program to raise awareness about the preventability of cervical cancer, and the importance the vaccine and regular screening plays in the fight against it. Through passionate and dedicated volunteer speakers, the Community Awareness Program is a 15-30 minute presentation about cervical cancer, HPV and the steps you can take to prevent it. The presentation also covers the important life-saving work ACCF undertakes in developing countries delivering the vaccine and screening to girls & women who need it most. To book in an ACCF Community Awareness speaker, download a booking form here: or contact NSW Coordinator Cassandra Deon on 0423 529795​ or email her at
This speaker idea is one of the many possibilities listed in our Speaker Bank as a tool for clubs to use.  Visit the Speaker Bank now

Call to Action
You may not be fully aware of Food Plant Solutions Rotarian Action Group and our work in providing self-sustaining solutions to malnutrition and food security to those most in need in the developing world.  We take this opportunity to explain how you can provide major support to our work with very little effort.
Food Plant Solutions (formerly operating as the LearnwGrow project) is simply about solutions based on the diversity of the world’s food plants that offer a sustainable, self-reliant approach to malnutrition.  These can deliver the benefits of healthy diets, resilient food systems, lower food prices and greater availability of food, particularly to those most in need.
Enjoy a spring weekend at the Gardens

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Get your order in
 With the new Rotary Year now well underway it is time to once again get behind the Traditional Foundation Fruit Cakes and Puddings Program.
Last year was another strong year of sales for those Clubs able to fully support the program through promotions to members, their communities and local businesses. Almost $25,000.00 raised for the work of the Rotary Foundation and the programs of Australian Rotary Clubs. Thank you for all those who have supported the program so far.
Your support is again invited to assist in the promotion of the Foundation's Traditional Fruit Cake Program We have received further District support for this Rotary year.
We also have artwork prepared for Banner designs should you wish to purchase at a subsidized cost promotional Banners promoting the public or Club sales opportunities are available to Clubs and these along with the 2014-2015 Promotional materials will be sent to you on request.  Read more .....
Rotary Australia World Community Service Ltd has a registered project in Bo, Sierra Leone (No. 46/2007-07 sponsored by the Rotary Club of Turramurra) whose aim is to build and extend the Bo Children’s Hospital and to provide hygiene and basic health care and education. The hospital now has a need of the highest order to provide an isolation ward. A quarantine ward has been on the project list for some time but now it is not an overstatement to say it is a matter of life and death. They need to raise $40,000
As we are all aware the Ebola virus is highly contagious between humans and has no known cure. The latest information available from Sierra Leone Government Ministry of Health (as at August 29th, 2014) is that the country has recorded 1033 cases with 383 deaths (including 140 health workers), and additional suspected cases.  Download the press release

This months issue
"No child anywhere in the world should have to suffer from this completely preventable disease. It only costs US60 cents to protect a child against polio for life. We need your voice to cross the finish line in the fight to end polio."
This issue of RGHF's Our Foundation Newsletter adds to the voice of Rotarians worldwide to continue the fight against polio. October 24 is World Polio Day, and every Rotarian has an opportunity to be a part of this occasion.
Let us all plan to celebrate World Polio Day in whichever way we can - join Rotary's live-streamed global status update, create or join a local event, or simply share our voice via social media.
Our goal is global polio eradication!  Read the issue here

Voyage of a lifetime
In 2015 the national Sail Training Ship Young Endeavour will set sail for an extraordinary voyage around the world!

STS Young EndeavourWith crews of 24 youth and 12 Navy staff, the ship will sail the Roaring Forties, across the Atlantic Ocean, through the Mediterranean Sea and the English Channel, and into the North Sea, returning via the Cape of Good Hope and the Indian Ocean.

Over 200 youth, including Young Endeavour Alumni, will have the opportunity to join one of nine crews as Young Endeavour circumnavigates the world for the first time in over 20 years.  read more ......
Get your Hats ready
It's less than a month to Hat Day on Friday October 10th, 2014 and organisers Australian Rotary Health couldn't be more excited! Since they launched a new website in July they have been inundated with registrations. Thank you to the large number of Rotary Clubs who have signed up across the country to host a Hat Day event.
Hat Day has received a range of media attention after welcoming Australian actor Elle Dawe back as a Hat Day ambassador for 2014, along with Australian actor Pauly Fenech as a supporter. The new Hat Day TV ad is also showing across the country on the Seven, TEN, NBN and networks.
Hat Day on Sunrise
Hat Day Researcher A/Prof Felice Jacka was interviewed on Weekend Sunrise wearing a hat. A/Prof Jacka's research, originally funded by Australian Rotary Health, has uncovered breakthrough links between diet and mood.  read more .........​
Enjoying a meal with a roof over your head​
Enjoying a meal with a roof over our heads is something that we often take for granted in Australia. By holding a dinner party and donating to our project, your fundraising will help us to give children a shelter, food, education and hope for the future.
Last year’s record was 50 dinner parties with almost 600 participants. We raised $15 000 towards the project, and this year we are hoping to raise even more with your help.

Umoja Volunteer Program is seeking volunteers​
Umoja Orphanage Kenya (Rotary Australia World Community Service) RAWCS project 51/2011-12) is an Australian non-profit organisation raising funds to build a self-sustainable children’s village in Ukunda, Kenya for orphaned and vulnerable children. Volunteering in Kenya is a life-changing experience that allows you to contribute to a project that is helping children and communities to break the cycle of poverty.
We require 9 Rotarians or non-Rotarians with experience in building, farming or irrigation. Volunteers can be men or women, but must be physically fit and able to work in the heat. Please note: your passport must be valid for an additional 6 months from your date of departure and compulsory vaccinations apply.
Dowload the flyer to read more

Meetings and Events 
Dear Rotarian,
Bom dia! You’re invited to the 2015 Rotary International Convention in São Paulo, Brazil.
If you haven’t already heard, the convention dates have changed. The fun now begins one day earlier on Saturday, 6 June and continues through Tuesday, 9 June 2015. Plan now to enjoy the Rotary Carnival at Anhembi Parque following the opening plenary on Saturday.
São Paulo offers all the excitement and activities of a world-class city, along with diverse neighborhoods filled with ethnic restaurants, art galleries, and trendy bars – the perfect backdrop for connecting with Rotary members from around the world.
For those wanting to learn more about the Brazilian culture, music, and cuisine, the Host Committee has planned exciting events including the Rotary Carnival, concerts featuring renowned Brazilian performers, and bookings for fine restaurants every night of the convention.
Still not convinced?
Watch this video and read more about the RI Convention in Brazil.
Register now to receive the lowest rates available. And book your convention hotel room through Rotary’s housing agent to take advantage of competitive nightly rates.
Warm, engaging, playful – these are the words used to describe the people you’ll meet in Brazil.
Don’t miss this opportunity to discover Brazil through Rotary.
See you in São Paulo! 

Open for Registrations
The program of the Rotary leadership institute both supplements and compliments the district training program and builds up some new networks and knowledge.

New courses open for registrations

·        Course 20 - Saturdays

The dates for the three parts are 31st January 2015, 14th February 2015, and 14th March 2015

·        Course 21 - Sundays

The dates for the three parts are 15th February 2015, 1st March 2015, and 29th March 2015
Nominations Invited
This year’s event will be held on Friday 7th November at Shangri La Hotel, Sydney. We expect about 500 guests to attend and hope your club will have some representatives there to support a local officer should there be a finalist from your area. You will find booking link below.
Police Officers who win a local Rotary award in 2014 are automatically eligible for the State Award. All nominations (including local Rotary winners) then go to a judging panel made up of long serving Rotarians from a cross section of the Districts from which the finalists for the evening will be chosen. Each category will have three finalists and you will be notified of who the finalists are four weeks before the event.
If I could ask the following of you it will go a long way to once again making this a highlight on the NSW Police calendar.
arrange your own meal on or about 24th October?​
The World’s Greatest Meal which raises funds for #EndPolioNow, the program has been gaining significant traction around the world — 452 events have now been held in 41 countries. Counting the Gates two-for-one offer, the program has raised over $800,000 USD! I have pasted below some promo's about this fantastic achievement.
World Polio Day is coming up very soon. Organizing a meal is an easy (and fun!) way to raise funds for #EPN so why not join the hundreds of other clubs from around the world and arrange your own meal on or about 24th October? Enjoy! Click here to learn more

Graffiti challenge ​BIGGER AND BETTER IN 2014!​
The gauntlet has been thrown down to Rotary Clubs and Districts throughout NSW … let’s make Graffiti Removal Day 2014 ‘bigger and better’ than ever before …
Sunday, October 26, is the chosen date and planning is now well underway for another outstanding event.
At a time when so many Rotary projects and organisations strive for corporate sponsorship, Rotary has formed a unique partnership with the New South Wales Government to combat the growing social curse of graffiti vandalism! read more 

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Interested in being a sponsor?
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