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In Rotary we do a lot for youth.  There is however a growing number of young people who have never had a stable, safe and nurturing family life.  These are the kids who without help could end up being a major burden on our community.

Since 1985, Youth Insearch has assisted over 27,000 young people at risk from different backgrounds and lifestyles to establish new goals and directions in their lives.  The program was founded by Ron Barr AM in Riverstone where he was the Youth Development Counsellor.  Ron's wife Judith Barr OAM is the Program & Development Manager, both receiving Order of Australia medals for their significant contribution to young people through Youth Insearch.

The program now operates in NSW, QLD and VIC.  At the weekend camps, attended by 60 young people aged 12-18 years, an atmosphere of trust and support is created where young people feel safe to discuss issues of an emotional nature relating to parent/adolescent relationships, drug and alcohol abuse, self esteem, trust, physical/sexual abuse and grief related issues.  Young people seek positive alternatives and establish new goals and directions for their lives.

The unique aspect of Youth Insearch is the involvement of young people in the facilitation of the program and that it is highly focused on peer support.

An important component to the program is the follow up support after the Camps which is one of the reasons for its outstanding success.

Youth Insearch has been featured previously on 60 Minutes (4 times), A Current Affair, The Australian Story (on Ron Barr and more recently on Youth Insearch Leader Heath Ducker) and in 2003, Ron Barr was featured on This is Your Life.

Youth Insearch is a program focused on empowering young people to seek positive alternatives in their turn their disadvantage into their advantage.

To personally experience a camp is a profoundly moving experience.  District New Generations Chair 2010-11, Theo Glockermann has been fortunate to see it.

He believes we could all have a rewarding role by volunteering at a camp and spreading the word.  This is not all about money (although it always helps!).

By a group of concerned volunteers say having fun over a weekend and cooking for the camp, Youth Insearch can save $1,500 each Camp.  With increased volunteers more camps can be staged and more kids helped.  And the weekend is cost free for volunteers!!

If you or your club is looking for a hands on exciting project for say three couples without any financial obligation, then may I suggest you arrange a visit to Kurrajong.