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The Rotary Foundation logoThe Permanent Fund enables individuals to combine their gifts into a significant force to address the world's greatest needs for generations to come. The Fund's initial target of US$200 million was surpassed six years ahead of schedule and the next target is US$1 billion by 2025. Contributions can be made by bequests or outright gifts of cash, investments or property and each year, a portion of the earnings are allocated to the various humanitarian, educational and cultural programs. Contributions to the Permanent Fund can be made in a variety of ways:

Outright gifts

These can be cash, securities, real estate or tangible personal property.

Life Income Agreements

Gives you the opportunity to make a contribution to The Foundation without impacting on your ability to finance your lifestyle.


You can leave a gift in your will to Permanent Fund of The Rotary Foundation to secure Rotary's role in the world and work to improve the quality of life for future generations.

The Annual Programs Fund and The Permanent Fund can be considered partners in Rotary's support of the needs of others. The Annual fund supports the Foundation's programs today, while the Permanent Fund secures the programs for tomorrow.

The Permanent Fund offers Rotarians a great benefit in these financially unpredictable and sometimes difficult times. Rotarians can maintain their current lifestyle without the loss of any much needed funds but at the same time they can donate to the Foundation by means of a bequest. Bequests today are one of the major sources of income for many charity funds.

There are four types of bequest.

  1. Percentage: It is quite possible that you are unsure of what may be available to donate and you wish your family to receive part of your estate. Therefore a specific percentage of your estate can be given to the Foundation.
  2. Residuary: This bequest allows you to leave all that remains after debts and taxes have been paid.
  3. Specific: Here you specify exactly what will be given to the Foundation. This could be dollars, property, shares, works of art or other tangible personal property.
  4. Contingent: Your bequest has conditions attached to it such as the death of another beneficiary.

As with other contributions to the Foundation, the Trustees recognise benefactors' generosity.

For further information contact The Permanent Fund Chair