Firstly, the nine global grants supporting this project have all been approved.  When we put in all the grant applications last year, we were confident that the government would make a substantial contribution.  That literally went up in flames with the bushfire crisis and now getting money from government is all but impossible for the time being with the Covid-19 crisis.  Five of the grants have been fully funded with the government funding gap being made up principally by additional DDF commitments – thank you.  To fully fund the remaining four grants we currently need an additional USD 130k in DDF or USD 190k in cash.  We are continuing to seek additional donations from individuals and clubs.
Secondly, at rather short notice, but with amazing help from Andrew Mahoney (RC Wellington), we've also developed the concept of an e-card for this coming Mother's Day.  Donors can download the card, email it off to wherever they wish, and make a donation to our centenary Pacific immunisation project in the name of the mothers in their lives. With your help, we really hope Rotarians will seize this opportunity. Please go to