Grant Opportunities

Grant Opportunities
This foundation has been established by our family who spent twenty years living and working on a cattle property in rural Queensland. It is the family's intention that rural, remote and regional Queenslanders are afforded opportunities equal to their metropolitan counterparts.   Tim Fairfax Family Foundation

The foundation supports the development of regional community foundations, and uses seed funding and challenge grants to move regional development project funding into a more dynamic context.
  Foundation for Rural & Regional Renewal

The Seed aims to help Australian artists from any background, creating art and music across any genre, to establish themselves as self-sustained, professional artists.
  The Seed

There are a series of funding rounds for community projects. However, it may be worth investigating this avenue further as a long termsupport structure. If you go the webpage, you are better searching under the subject area as opposed to clicking on the obvious link of 'grants andfunding'.
  Department of Families, Housing, Community Services and Indigenous Affairs (Federal)

This group seems to be a very good option with funding available up to $20,000. Their focus areas are aroundsupporting grandparents and older people, as well as children in need, in the Greater Sydney area (of which I think it could be assumed to include the lower Central Coast, especially considering they are part of a Northern Sydney district). The application process can take more than three months, though, but they do not seem to have a closing date for applications. On their website if you click on 'apply for a grant' there are three forms at the bottom of the page to create an expression of interest, which is reviewed, and then a full application is requested upon successful review.
Sydney Community Foundation Grant

The Perpetual Foundation Is a further alternative whose has focus areas in a) the care, welfare and education of children, and b) support for the aged. Their funding ranges between $5,000 and $50,000. The only concern with this option is that their geographic focus, although not being exclusive, is around QLD and VIC. However, this may not necessarily reclude an application from the Central Coast, but could make it more competitive.
Perpetual Foundation

Grant Opportunities