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The story of Australian Rotary Health is an exciting one, from its inception to the present time, but it is a story that can never be up to date, for it is evolving as you read.

It has involved the vision of many dedicated Rotarians who worked to give it life and nurture it, to see it blossom into an amazing national community service project for Rotary.

Many have felt the need for a project that could unite Rotary in Australia and give it a focus worthy of the men and women of our membership.

ARH does just that and obviously has been welcomed, as evidenced by the marvellous support given by them.

Australian Rotary Health has been approved by the Board of Rotary International as a multi-District project and is registered under Corporation Law.  It operates through Memorandum & Articles of Association which provide for membership to be restricted to Rotarians and for control by a Board of Directors elected by and drawn from the members. Membership entitles members to receive all Newsletters and the Annual Report and Accounts.  They are also entitled to attend the Annual General Meeting and vote at the election of Directors who control the activities of the Fund.  See the website for Applications for Membership and applicable fees.

All donations over $2.00 to Australian Rotary Health are tax deductible under the Income Tax Act. 

Donations are sought from the Australian Public, Rotary Clubs. individual Rotarians, Commercial Organisations and Charitable Trusts, and Bequests.