Q. Membership - Who Needs Them ?
A. See the 2022-2023 Rotary International Theme, "Imagine Rotary"
Discover how your club can use the new club flexibility policies of Rotary International to adapt your club experience to fit the needs of your members and attract new ones. The policies allow clubs great latitude in deciding when, where, and how we meet.
Research and members' experiences have shown that when clubs have more freedom to decide how and when they hold their meetings, who they'll invite to become members, and what member engagement means, their ability to attract and retain new members
There can be as many types of membership as are created by clubs. Some popular
examples are corporate, family, or younger professional membership. However, a club is free to design different membership types that attract diverse members, as long as it documented  as to how they differ from traditional membership in their club bylaws.
Just one example is  satellite club to accommodate members' differing schedules.
This allows some members of the club to meet at a different time and place than the rest of the club. The benefit is that the club doesn't lose members because of scheduling
conflicts. Satellite club members are officially members of their sponsor club,
but if membership grows enough, the satellite club can break off and charter as a new club. The sponsoring club and the satellite club can collaborate on projects as a way of nurturing the relationship and learning from each other.
Help to to kick up the membership curve - try new things.
Often said but true: It easy to remain in our comfort zones - keep doing the same things, the  results will remain the same.
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