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When posting to any Rotary District 9685 blog, Facebook page, or discussion group, please observe the spirit of these Posting Rules adapted from those posted by the Rotarians on Social Networks Fellowship
We ask that you please follow these basic etiquette posting guidelines, including the following:
  1. Commercial or solicitation postings are not allowed.
  2. Be respectful and civil to fellow members. Personal attacks are prohibited.
  3. Please refrain from posting religious, political, sexist, ethnically or racially offensive, or obscene messages.
  4. Stick to the topic of the blog or group discussion.
  5. Spamming or flooding (excessive posts) of any Rotary District 9685 Social Network or Discussion Group will not be allowed. Members are not allowed to repost topics, however the topic may be “bumped” up to a maximum of 15 times for each topic. (Bumping is defined as: Posting a reply to a thread purely to raise its profile, or to move the thread to the front page to have exposure on a forum.)
We ask that you stay on topic and avoid demeaning, antagonistic or overly contentious posts.
Please follow the 4-Way Test in all discussions.
Rotary District 9685 welcomes all members to post announcements about club or district projects and events on the relevant blog site, the District Facebook Page, the LinkedIn D9685 group, and the D9685 Group on My Rotary. However, please limit project and event announcement posts to official projects and events approved by your Club or District.
Messages or postings that do not meet these etiquette standards may be removed.