Pride of Workmanship
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Pride of Workmanship, as a concept, was instigated at the District 268 (now 9685) Assembly in 1975.  At that Assembly, 43 incoming Vocational Service Directors attended a discussion group meeting where it was suggested that something should be organised that would encourage more pride by Australians in their vocations.

From this suggestion and further discussion in that group session, the theme was born:

Do it once, Do it well, Build a Better Australia

Later that day, incoming directors of the Rotary Club of Pennant Hills discussed the need for promotion of this concept, and how it could be promoted in a practical way at Club level.  Further discussions led to the suggestion that this Club hold a "Pride of Workmanship Night" with the co-operation of the local business community.  It was envisaged that an award be made to employees who had been nominated by their employer as being deserving of such an award.

After much planning at Club level, the first presentation night of the Pride of Workmanship Awards was staged in April 1976, and thus began an era that has gone from strength to strength.

With the success of the 1976 Awards presentation, other Rotary Clubs expressed their intentions to hold similar functions.  Encouraged by a commendation in the RI News and RDU, and advice from Rotary International that all Rotary Clubs were to be encouraged to participate in the program, the Rotary Club of Pennant Hills produced a booklet giving guidelines for conducting a Pride of Workmanship program.  The booklet was then delivered, free of cost, to all incoming District Governors throughout Australia before the commencement of 'their' Rotary year.  This practice has been maintained each year and has now been extended to New Zealand.

From the first presentation night in 1976, the Club produced an attractive trophy.  The design incorporates the Rotary Emblem and subsequently the Club was licensed by RI to produce these trophies and RI receives a royalty from all trophy sales.  The design of the trophy has been well received and over 15,000 trophies have been sold throughout Australia and the South Pacific.

Since the early days of Pride of Workmanship the scope and variety of awards has been expanded to include:

  • Community Service awards
  • Small Business awards
  • Vocational Excellence awards
  • Australia Day awards
  • Environmental Excellence awards
  • Apprentice of the Year award
  • Customer Service award
  • Youth Encouragement award

Apart from the recognition of outstanding individuals in our community, the presentation of awards is an excellent opportunity to network with local business leaders and invite potential new members into the Club.

The Rotary Club of Pennant Hills is committed to the continued promotion of the "Pride of Workmanship" scheme within Australia and also to Rotary Clubs worldwide.

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